Co-Star of “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. At Marvel, he “Took the Cash” and “Pushed me Out.”

Terrence Howard says some bold things about Robert Downey Jr., who stars with him in Iron Man. Howard played Lt. Colonel James Rhodes in the 2008 movie. In Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3, that role went to Don Cheadle. Fans of Marvel have long wondered why Howard turned down the well-paid role. Now, the actor says that Downey “pushed him out” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and “took his money.”

Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard have joined the MCU.

Howard joined Iron Man following his appearance in the widely praised film, Hustle and Stream. The entertainer was selected for an Oscar for best entertainer and won a foundation grant for the best unique melody, “It’s Hard Over here for a Pimp.”

Many people were uncertain if it was a good idea for Marvel to cast Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, the lead character in the movie. However, the decision to also cast Terrence Howard in the film increased its star power. Howard was paid more than any other cast member because of his recent success on the big screen.

Howard promised at a new meeting that his unique deal with Marvel would cover three movies. In any case, their talks ran into a big problem when the studio only had to pay him a small part of his pay from the main film.

“They came to me for the second one and said, ‘We’ll pay you one-eighth of what we legally owed you because we think the next one will do well even without you.'” Howard told us.

The performer also said that he quickly called Downey because he thought that his co-star would take care of him. Howard says that Downey hasn’t called him back in “quite a long time.” At that point, Marvel had already kept going toward Cheadle.

Howard says that he is hard to work with.

Even though Howard blames Downey for a lot of what happened, the actor was known for being hard to work with on set. In fact, shortly after Iron Man came out, Howard said in an interview that he is not the easiest person to be around.

“Damn right, I’m hard to get along with,” Howard said.

Director Craig Brewer, who worked with Howard on the film Hustle & Flow, told the newspaper Guardian that people in Hollywood are “afraid” of him. He also said that Howard doesn’t “put up with fools,” and that even he had trouble with the actor.

“Even though he’s crazy, that’s what makes him so great. Every single one of the crazy ones is crazy, “Brewer took note.

We can’t say for sure if Howard’s behavior on set led to his quick departure from the MCU, but it certainly didn’t help the situation. Considering everything, the main reason he didn’t keep working as War Machine is that Downey “pushed” him out.

Howard says that Robert Downey Jr. is a thief because he took his money.

Howard talked about why he thinks Marvel fired him after Iron Man on the 2013 show Watch What Happens Live.

The actor said that Downey made it impossible for him to be in Iron Man 2, and that Downey even took the money that was supposed to go to him.

“He actually took the money that was supposed to come to me for the sequel when it was time to move forward and fired me,” he said.

Howard supposedly made a couple million bucks for his job in Iron Man, while its notable that Wonder just paid Downey $500,000 (however he made more after the film did well in theaters). Downey hasn’t said anything about the rumors, but he went on to make a lot of money as Tony Stark in the MCU.

Downey made a total of $75 million for his work on Avengers: Endgame, which included his regular salary and a share of the movie’s box office earnings. Howard says that Robert Downey Jr. is a thief because he took his money.

Is this the genuine explanation Howard left Marvel?

Howard didn’t come back for Iron Man 2 because of how he acted on the set of the first movie and because the studio wanted to cut the budget for the second movie.

During filming, there were a lot of rumors about Howard’s “difficult behavior,” and it was said that director Jon Favre au didn’t like how Howard played Rhodey. Sources said that Favre au spent a lot of time reshooting Howard’s scenes, but this was never proven.

When they made Howard’s first deal, Marvel said they would give him $8 million for the sequel. But because there was drama behind the scenes and Marvel had a different idea for Howard’s character, they only gave him $1 million to come back.

At the end of the day, Howard didn’t want to come back for a much lower salary, so Marvel went in a different direction. Don Cheadle agreed to work with Robert Downey Jr. in a number of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not just the Iron Man sequels.