Warning: Shiba Inu Community – No SHIB or BONE Airdrops Coming! Pay Attention!

Hey Shiba Inu fam, listen up! There are some worrying things happening, so it’s crucial to keep an eye out and take action on time to avoid more problems. Stay alert!

The Shiba Inu community, also known as the SHIB army, got an important message from Shibarmy scam alerts. This handle is all about finding scams and keeping the Shiba Inu community safe.

They’re telling the Shiba Inu community to be careful. There are scams going around with fake NFTs sent to wallets. These scams pretend to be SHIB or BONE airdrops, or other valuable assets. They often come in different chains, so everyone needs to be watchful.

To stay safe, Shiba Inu holders are being advised to hide any scam NFTs and report them. Remember, there are no official airdrops for SHIB, BONE, LEASH, or Shiboshis – the tokens and NFTs linked to Shiba Inu.

Be cautious if you get requests to check out a website claiming to be an “NFT.” These could be scams. Don’t link your wallet to unknown or suspicious Apps or websites. They might have harmful code or links.

The warning is because of a rise in fake websites, NFT airdrops, and Telegram groups spreading false info. They trick users into sharing personal info that could be misused. Some even use names or logos like Shiba Inu, making it tough for users, especially new ones, to tell the real from the fake.

“ShibArmy Scam Alerts” recently told the SHIB community about fake groups on platforms like Telegram. These groups wrongly use names of Shiba Inu developers and team members.

Shiba Inu clarifies that it doesn’t make such groups or accounts. These impostors might try to make you feel safe but can share wrong info or harmful links. Beware – links in these groups could lead to phishing sites or malware, risking personal info and funds. Stay alert!